Para Xylene

P-Xylene is an aromatic hydrocarbon. It is one of the three isomers of dimethyl benzene known collectively as xylenes. The p- stands for para-, implying that the two methyl groups in p-Xylene occupy the diametrically opposite substituent positions 1 and 4, as illustrated here in the schematic representation. It is in the positions of the two methyl groups, their arene substitution pattern ,that it differs from the other isomers, o-Xylene and m-Xylene. Each of the three isomers has two methyl substituents attached to the benzene ring; ignoring the substitution patterns they therefore all have the same chemical formula C6H4(CH3)2.
Like all xylene isomers, p-Xylene is dangerously flammable.

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Para-Xylene Bandar ImamTDS - MSDS99.7 minBandar Imam Petrochemical Co.are used in the production of paints, plastic industries, production of PTA and chemical industries
Para-Xylene NouriTDS - MSDS99.7 minNouri (Borzuyeh) Petrochemical production of styrene, 2-decylbenzene(for producting detergent), cyclohexene (for producing nylons), phenol and nitrobenzene for producing aniline and solvent